Caring for Your Freshly Caught Fish


So you’ve landed the first salmon of your fishing trip… do you know what to do next? Thanks to our seasoned dock staff, here are a few tips to ensure that your prized catch is as enjoyable as possible when it’s time to prepare it for the table!

After landing a fish it’s important to cut the gills immediately after catching it, the sooner the better. By taking this step the angler ensures that the blood is removed from the fillets which can cause undesirable changes in flavor and texture.

After bleeding the fish it’s important to keep the fish cool, this is especially important on those hot summer days and can be easily achieved by pouring cold ocean water on the fish periodically, helping to keep the catch fresh. Westcoast Resorts provides a lunch boat enabling our staff to run your fish back to the lodge mid-day. This allows our dock team to fillet, pack and freeze your catch while it is at its freshest.

When a fresh catch is brought back to the dock to be processed guests have the option of having their catch filleted into 1 lb. portions. A typical serving size of salmon is between 6-8 ounces and a 1 lb. salmon fillet makes a perfect dinner for two. This option is ideal for smaller families, reducing waste and maximizing the space in your freezer.

Tight lines & see you on the water soon!
– The Westcoast Resorts Crew