A warm welcome to all of our returning guests and those yet to come! Weather gave us an opportunity to get out and complete the annual staff derby yesterday morning.

Each department over the last week has had an opportunity to run through and fine tune operations. The derby ensures that our Instructor staff are ready to go and one of the final steps in the rig up process.With light winds and seas less than one meter boats spread out throughout the grounds. Many boats ventured out to the Shoals and our inside fishery showed promising results as well!

Fish came in from inside Hibben Island for those not wanting to travel far and there was a strong showing of bait right outside of Douglas at Herbert Head.Our instructors fished from Cape Henry to Denham Shoals and that contributed to one of the most productive derby’s in recent times.

Fish size averaged in the low to mid-twenties for the most part and the top derby fish went a little better with 27 and 28lbs taking 2nd and 3rd topping off with a 31lb tyee!

Congratulations Karan, I was able to hand out our first Tyee pin for 2019! Great first attempt for sure and we are looking forward to seeing this trend continue.

We have not tried bottom fishing yet but there were several lingcod and halibut enticed throughout the derby while salmon fishing and that proves they are around.

Our crew here at Englefield Bay are ready and looking forward to welcoming the first helicopter this evening starting what is shaping up to be one of the best seasons ever!

To those new and returning we can’t wait to see you here!

Take care and tight lines,

Paul Kendrick