We had another incredible season in Englefield Bay and as I sit here and reflect on yet another banner year, it’s hard for me to decide where to even begin. We were lucky to see the majority of our crew from 2016 return, and were fortunate to add a few new members to the family that were all very eager to see our first guests, the crews excitement was evident. Our facility underwent some major renovations and we were all very excited to show it off to all of our guests that were going to be joining us this year. The gorgeous new lounge upstairs was a hit and the added upper courtyard was a great place to enjoy the scenery in front of the lodge and share fishing stories from the day.

We were yet again, so incredibly lucky to have this beautiful area all to ourselves, full of breathtaking wildlife encounters and scenery that could only be dreamt of. The fishing started off with an absolute bang, our experienced first group took advantage of the perfect weather and had one of the best trips of the season, and the best start to a season that I can remember in the 9 summers that I have been at Englefield.

Our bottom fishery has always been consistent and this year was no different, halibut, ling and rock fish could all easily be collected out on the Shoals just 15 minutes from the dock. What really stood out this year for me was the productivity of the inside waters, which really heated up mid-season. Off shore around the Denham Shoals have been our go to spot for salmon for a number of years now and were still very productive again this year, however the inside waters were just as good and for the second half of the season maybe even better. We noticed an abundance of bait hanging out inside and our classic spots like Denham Bay, No Name and Bone Point held great numbers of chinook and coho. We not only had large numbers of fish return to the area this year but we also saw lots of BIG fish, the first two and a half weeks of Hogust we had 40 Tyee hit the deck, incredible! The season ended off just as it started, in the last week we heard the gong ring 22 times, it really was a great way to end another memorable year.

I would like to take this opportunity to pass on a sincere thank you to all of our friends that joined us this year in Englefield Bay. This year we were close to 100 percent booked for the season, and are well on our way to accomplishing the same in 2018. There are many places to fish on the coast and we are privileged to have such a committed group of guests that choose Englefield year after year, without each and every one of you we would not be able to spend our summers in the place that we love, doing what we love to do.  Myself, as well as the rest of the staff are very proud to be a part of the team at Westcoast Resorts, we take pride in our job and are committed to going above and beyond to ensure that our visitors experience a unique, trip of a lifetime at our summer home.

On behalf of the entire Englefield crew, thank you to all and we look forward to inviting you home in 2018

Until next year,

Ryan “RJ” Jacobs

Outside Operations Manager