It’s been another incredibly productive week out here on the west side of Haida Gwaii. The weather has continued to cooperate with us allowing anglers to hit the fishing grounds hard, day in and day out. We have noticed very large amounts of bait hanging out on the Denham Shoals that is attracting great numbers of salmon as well as all kinds of other wildlife. I had the chance to get out one morning last week and saw the largest group of humpback whales I have ever seen out there, I lost count after 15!

I think it is safe to say that nearly every single angler this past week went home with their limit of halibut, and those who worked a little harder and spent more time bouncing bottom managed to find lingcod, rock cod and yellow eye. The majority of anglers dropped to the bottom out on the Shoals, however some decided to spread out and try other areas as well. Up North in the vicinity of Boomchain Bay near Willie and Carswell provided great Halibut fishing, and the Lingcod seemed to be stacked up there as well.

Salmon fishing has slowed down a little bit on the inside waters, however we are still finding both chinook and coho at No Name, Roe Point, Herbert Head, Mitchell Inlet and up North at Bone Point and near Boomchain Bay. Out on the shoals near the South Pinnacle however has been red hot, the action out there all year has been epic and it still hasn’t slowed down one bit. Cut plug and whole herring are still the go-to bait of choice but the gear has proved to be very productive as well, plugs, spoons and even a flasher hoochie combo have been working very well. Just ask Deanna Friedemann, who for her first time made the trip out to Englefield last trip and had quite the experience on the last day. While out on the Shoals searching for one last coho Dee chose to throw down a flasher hoochie and she ended up hooking into an absolute beauty of a chinook, after a great fight and a quick couple of measurements her tyee that worked out to be 34 pounds was released, great work Dee!

If you are interested in coming out to experience the magic of Englefield Bay for yourself, there is no better time than now to give us a call and get your spot booked. We only have a couple of vacant spots this season, and based on how things have been going this year I think it is safe to assume that space next year will also be very limited so be sure to move quickly before it’s too late. To those of you who have already joined us, thank you and we really do hope to see you all again in 2018. If you are already booked to come this year, start getting stoked….It’s almost HOGGUST!

Ryan Jacobs