This past week in Englefield Bay has been one for the books. Although the weather has been up and down, we still managed to have a banner week. August, or up here more commonly known as “Hogust”, is here and is the most sought after time to be in the bay for one reason, BIG fish.

We kicked the week off with some rough weather out front, forcing many to explore the beautiful inside waters spanning from No Name down to Mitchell Inlet, and all the way up Inskip Channel as far as Willie Island. Most mornings we were able to get out to the Denham Shoals, and those with tough stomachs were able to stick it out all day for nonstop Chinook action. Mid-week the seas calmed and some light northwest winds gave us blue skies and tons of sun making for a couple of the best days we have seen thus far. Day after day we continue to be amazed by the numbers of fish in the area, it really is incredible. We saw just under 20 Tyee hit the dock this week, and the total weight of fish that spun the scale was a whopping 15, 900 pounds!

Out on the Denham Shoals anglers are finding success working the structure around the South Pinnacle, cut plug herring and holy rollers continued to be most effective, trolled anywhere between 100 and 160 feet deep. Early this week a longtime friend of ours, Scott Whittlesey, managed to haul in a seasons best 42 pound spring in some crazy bumpy conditions off of the South Pinnacle with the help of his dad Art and brother John, nice work boys! Scotts fish sure was a beauty, however it did not take long for his fish to be beat. Just 3 days later, Chad Reed hooked into a 45 pounder off of “The Hummacle”. Most anglers have been taking the scenic drive up behind Hibben Island to Bone Point after lunch to enjoy the often sunny, protected waters that continue to be loaded with hungry coho. Army truck hoochies trailed behind a bright flasher have been working very well for the feisty little chromers averaging around 9 pounds right now.

The nice weather we got mid week allowed Halibut and Lingcod hunters to spread out and finds some new honey holes up North. There seems to be an abundance of Ling hanging around the kelp beds up near Willie Island, and lots of “over” halibut hanging out in the deep water to the East of the island. The shoals however have been steady as well for flat fish, and those who put in some time bouncing jigs near the various pinnacles are finding perfect ling in the 10-30 pound range.

We are now sold out for the 2017 season and are looking forward to hosting a full house for the month of Hogust, it’s an exciting time of the year and the crew is always excited to see old friends as well as new faces, and to share with them the beauty of this area, as well as the world class fishing we are graced with here in Englefield Bay.

Until next week,
Ryan “RJ” Jacobs