Despite some nasty North West winds as of late, our anglers continue to persevere and hit the fishing grounds hard. A typical day with the weather we have been dealt starts out on the Denham Shoals hunting for Halibut, Ling Cod and of course some big Chinook that are usually found hanging out off the west side of both the south and west pinnacles. It’s usually around 11:00 when the wind really starts to pick up and creates uncomfortable fishing conditions at the Shoals, at which point most anglers start to retreat to our inside waters like Denham Bay, and the “green mile” stretch from No Name to Herbert Head.

There seems to be an abundance of bait out on the shoals day after day, and we have began to notice consistent amount of needlefish, as well as herring stacking up all over the inside waters. Working the structure inside nice and slow with either a cut plug herring or whole herring seems to entice the Chinook the most, whereas a hoochie behind a flsher remains the killer for coho.

Coho fishing has slowed down a little bit, but those that work the inside waters are able to find them, with most grabbing their limit. With a healthy variety of bait around inside, we are confident that the Coho fishing will pick up again any day now. The Chinook fishing has remained world class, last week we saw 19 Tyee hit the dock and this week we heard the gong sing 16 times! Only 11 days into August and we have already seen 30 Tyee hit the dock, incredible. The average size of Springs being caught has consistently gotten larger over the last week or so as well and although at times anglers are weeding through lots of mid to high teen sized fish, they are finding mid to high twenties to bag and tag. Congrats to Serge Laplante for bringing in this weeks biggest Tyee, his trophy weighed in at a whopping 40 pounds!

Our typical Hali Holes on the Shoals have remained stacked full of chicken sized flatfish, “over sized” Halibut seem to be a little bit more spread out near the Hummacle, as well as up north in the vicinity of Willie Island. We have discovered that up North near Willie and Lihou Island, a generous population of Ling and Rock fish seem to be sticking around close to the kelp beds, when hard to find on the Shoals anglers have been going for a bit of a boat ride to find them there.

Although the wind has not been ideal out on the Shoals, the North West winds typically bring us sunshine, our protected waters up in Boomchain Bay and Bone Point turn into an almost tropical paradise, mix that in with some epic fishing and you’ve got yourself a decent day in the boat. Be sure to pack sunscreen and sunglasses to fight the rays, and a camera as well to capture those perfect momnents on these sunny days.

Our 2017 season is now at capacity, there is no harm in joining the last minute club on our website to get informed of any last minute trips that become available this year and also looking forward to 2018. We are having another banner year in Englefield Bay, bookings for next year are well underway, we are already close to 50% booked for next season and remaining spots to join us here on the edge of the world are not lasting long. If you are interested in joining us for a trip of a lifetime in 2018, move quickly to secure your preferred date, before it is too late! Thanks to those that have joined us this year and we look forward to seeing new, and familiar faces in the few final weeks of August!


Ryan “RJ” Jacobs