Our anglers have tenaciously hitting the inside waters and have been finding a ton of bait stacked up inside resulting in great success on the salmon front.

For the most part the Denham Shoals have been a ghost town. The semi-protected waters in Denham Bay have provided comfortable fishing conditions, and to the surprise of no-one, excellent chinook action. Cut Plugs and Holy Rollers trolled slow alongside the reef and right deep into the bay along the wall have been consistently producing high numbers of chinook bites, with the odd coho kicking around as well. The average size being hit has been in the mid to high teens, but those who spend some time weeding through the feisty smaller kings have managed to retain some larger ones in the mid to high twenties. Our biggest fish of the week, and second largest of the season, hailed from No Name which is just a few minutes from the lodge. Rookie guide sensation “Hemlock” noticed bait stacking up along the wall at No Name and decided to drop his gear along the weather protected wall at No Name and sure enough his determined guest, Chris Parshall, set the hook on a hog and eventually landed the trophy that tipped the scales at 43lbs! Nice work boys, what a beauty!

The coho fishing this year has been on and off since early July and this past week proved to be a little bit tougher to find those little silvers. Those who put in the time managed to find success, again on a flasher-hoochie combo trolled a little bit faster and at a shallower depth. As of yesterday things seem to have changed and the coho fishing went back to what it should be at this time of the year. Bone Point seems to consistently hold large numbers of coho and yesterday they were hit hard, most boats were struggling to even get two rods in the water, the action was that hot! Mary Tait brought back an absolute beauty yesterday that weighed in at 15lbs, the 3rd largest coho we have seen thus far, great job Mary!

Bottom fishing has slowed down a bit due to some harsher weather conditions. It’s very common for us to hear “If I don’t go home with some halibut my wife is not going to let me come back”, so those worried about not being able to come back to paradise in 2018 have been determined to get some white meat in the box have been waking up early and heading out to the Shoals in hopes of hitting bottom and bringing up a halibut before the wind forces the boats to head back to the inside waters. Chicken sized halibut are still being found inside near the Rock Pile, Sangster and Hastings, with the odd “over” sized hali being brought up inside as well.

Despite the weather the fishing has still been incredible and we don’t expect our anglers to skip a beat in the latter half of Hogust! Thank you again to those of you who have already joined us this year, and we look forward to seeing who will catch the next big one!

Until next week,
Ryan “RJ” Jacobs