Well, here we are at the end of August… where has the season gone? Luckily, we have a couple more trips to get everyone’s final fishin’ fix in before we leave Englefield for 2018 and begin preparations for 2019!

2018 has been a great season thus far and continues to surprise and impress. While chinook are not in plague numbers like they were a few weeks ago they are still coming through in waves and there are PLENTY of fish to keep everyone happy and busy, not to mention some real late season bruisers lurking around in tight. Denham Bay and No-Name have produced some epic non-stop bites this week with chinook to 39lbs being landed. The weather is also allowing us to get off-shore and morning bites for chinook have been productive with many fish in that Tyee class being encountered along with good numbers in the 20-30lb range too.

Coho are swarming in large numbers in many areas of our regular fishing grounds and although they are still strongest in our northern areas, they’ve made their way into Denham Bay, No-Name and Roe Pt. providing good action in between chinook bites. In saying that, most anglers are reporting large concentrations of coho in their usual northern haunts from Willie and Carswell Islands through to Lihou Island and Bone Point. It hasn’t been unusual to head north once done chinook fishing and hammer out a limit of chrome bright 10-12lb coho in under 30 minutes. Best results are coming from the tried and tested flasher/hoochie combo, but those voracious coho are smashing anything that hits the water.

Halibut fishing is ticking along as it has all season – strong! If you don’t mind a little ground swell or choppy water and venture out past Denham in any direction halibut are willing to play the game virtually anywhere. I can’t remember the last time a season was this consistent when it comes to our brown and white flat friends. Of course, there are plenty of other rock fish species out around Denham Shoals. Black Sea Bass and Canary Rockfish are two of our more abundant species that anglers look for due to both their availability and excellent table quality. They are two of the more aggressive species of rock fish and due to the huge amounts of schooling herring and other baitfish in the area, canaries and black sea bass are being caught mid water while trolling for salmon. Definitely great bonus fish!

If you’re looking for a great family adventure or a father/son experience, Englefield should be at the top of your list. A trip with loved ones creates memories and stories that will last a lifetime and it’s amazing to watch our guests, young and old, come off the water with big fish and big smiles. Young Aiden Gabel is here (pictured above) with his father Brad and grandfather Harry enjoying some great fishing. Aiden nailed it this morning landing himself a nice fat 21lb chinook – great job Aiden! So fantastic to see 3 generations enjoying quality time together. Good luck for the rest of your trip guys!

So many fish, so little time…. Keep those hooks sharp!!

Chad Ellison.