June is almost over, and we look forward to what July has to offer here at Englefield Bay! Salmon fishing over the month has proven better than last year and we are looking for that trend to continue. Chinook in the 17-21 lb size range are still prevalent and as usual a few larger fish mix in as well.

Most of the heavy action has been concentrated around the South and West pinnacles of the Shoals.

A few less coho around this week but size is up a bit with a healthy 11lber coming from the South Pinnacle. Great job by Lou Fincher, who found and captured this beauty!

Chris Kostiuk brought in an absolute football of a fish that weighed 32lbs yesterday, hopefully that is a sign of more to come. When we start to see these chunky ones move through, there are often some 40+ lbers within the schools!

Our fishery for halibut has been very consistent with hot spots all around the shoals. Chickens up to 20 lbs are common.  With a little tenacity, the larger, turkey sized ones are enticed to come to the boat as well.

Rock fish and lings always are eager, and this delicate white meat is treasured by those who love it!

As always, we appreciate all who come and some of our recent highlights include business groups sharing this experience with guests and clients. It is a fantastic way to network and share ideas amongst the group, fishing together helps create an unforgettable bond.  Just imagine being able to recall the experience and re-tell the tales as you work your way through the business year.

With that said I’m waiting to see what the lucky anglers bring in today as they arrive back at the dock for lunch.

Everyone here at the lodge is looking forward to long-time guests reuniting and new to the area guests learning our fishery.

Until then, Take care and tight lines!

Paul Kendrick