Yes, it’s July and yes, the fish keep rolling in to the dock here at Englefield Bay! It’s been a good week with calm water and great fishing. Denham Shoals is still the most productive. Anglers are finding all species around the South and West Pinnacles

Chinook are holding their average of 17–21 lbs. Tyee class salmon have been a little scarce this week but solid fish in the mid to upper 20’s are common. Fishing on the Shoals is like a one stop shop. A typical morning may include dropping down to the depths of 400 or more feet for halibut and quickly hooking up. With that done, moving onto lings and rockfish in the shallower waters is a great choice. Next you’re onto salmon and the action begins! Lure of choice really depends on the angler and how they like to present the offering. Cut plug and whole rolling herring are a great start and usually trolled slow off the rigger. Spoons and Tomic plugs work great, especially when trolled a little quicker and deeper. Flasher hoochies usually go on when searching for coho. These bonus fish are still moving through quickly, hopefully we will see more and more of them stick around and specifically targeting them will become a little easier!

We are in the middle of the JDRF derby and lots of awesome prizes are being handed out! This is a charity event, and proceeds go to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Everyone gets a chance to win something, from clothing and raingear to rods and essentials for the fisherman. It’s an awesome event to be a part of! There are hidden weight prizes, closest to targeted weight prizes, and of course a grand champion winner for the largest chinook. We all can’t wait to see who that will be this year!
If anyone is interested in joining this event next year, just let us know and we can put you in touch.

We are looking forward to the exciting fishery yet to come and meeting all of our returning guests once again here at Englefield Bay. For those of you that have never been here, it’s an amazing place with a great group of people who become family over the years. See you all soon!

Until then, Take care and tight lines.
Paul “Scale” Kendrick
Englefield Bay Lodge Manager