Great weather and even better fishing this week at Englefield Bay! With calm water and good fishing our anglers have been roaming the grounds.

We are finding fish all over, from Willie in the north down to the Cape. Coho are becoming more plentiful now with the most action coming out of the west and south pinnacles of the Shoals. We have seen a few of these great fighting fish in the low to mid-teens already, which is fantastic news for the onset of coho season!

Chinook salmon fishing is really as good as it gets, with solid bites that last over multiple tides. Our size average is somewhere in the 17-21 lb class, it’s great fun finding these feisty fighters! There have been some healthy schools of larger fish moving through, bumping the size average up a bit each time we encounter them.

Several tyees have come in over the past few days, and special mention goes to Paige Waslewski for landing a stunning bright 38lb spring! Congratulations Paige!

The usual flats south of the Shoals are producing chicken sized halibut up to the 90cm limit and anglers are spreading out a bit in search of the overs, up to 126cm.

Lingcod and rock fish are always willing to bite when you find the reefs and drop offs that dot the shoreline. The abundance of baitfish, strong salmon runs, and beautiful structure add up to making this one of the most prolific fisheries on the coast.

It is truly an honour to be a part of it and to share it with you all is priceless. So, if you are on your way up to Englefield Bay and are new to the area, our team here looks forward to meeting you soon! If you have already spent time in these waters, welcome back!

Until then,

Tight lines and take care.

Paul Kendrick