A great week with good weather and lots of life in the waters here at Englefield Bay!
Humpback whales are a common sight off shore and a group of orcas ventured through the inside waters just the other day. Baitfish gather on the shoals and attract all kinds of interest including salmon, bottom fish and now the sharks. We have been sighting salmon shark all season but there seems to be an abundance of the alpha predator now. Water temperatures this week have climbed into the low 60 degrees and with that warmer current has come an early showing of blue shark as well. These torpedoes swim fast and look to challenge anglers for their quarry!

There is a good mix of chinook and coho and there are no signs of slowing. Springs are still averaging 17-21 lbs and coho 7-9. Coho are great fish and absolutely best for the barbeque, boasting tight flakes in the meat and a delicious amount of fat content. You can’t go wrong! There are always a few bigger springs in the mix, and our anglers prove it every week with many upper twenties coming to the dock along with a handful of tyee.

Lately, a couple of guests have even mooched tyee class chinook out of the kelp beds near Willie while targeting lingcod!

Bottom dwellers are consistently offering themselves to those that like to target them. We have spent a little more time toward the north end of the grounds hunting for the tasty critters. Halibut fishing is consistent with almost instant action in most of the regular spots for “unders”. A bit more time is involved targeting the “turkey-size” flatfish but 45-50 lbers are around and wait for determined anglers. Lingcod and rock fish round out the total fishing experience and never seem to disappoint as well.

A stormy system came upon us yesterday afternoon keeping our anglers on the inside around No Name point. Not to worry though, fishing was good, and guests were embracing the challenge to its fullest!
Today the winds are forecast to drop significantly, and we are looking forward to getting back to this season’s norm: calmer winds and softer seas.

As your trip here approaches, the fishing seems to just get better and better. Our staff here are looking forward to meeting you again and forging new friendships as well!

Until then,
Take care and tight lines!

Paul Kendrick
Englefield Bay Lodge Manager