What an amazing week we have had here at Englefield Bay! Guests and staff alike continue to soak in the August sun, while the abundance of fish is keeping us all busy. The water has been calm and the boats have been widely spread, exploring all areas of our fishing grounds, and leading to the feeling of truly being the one and only boat out there.

Salmon fishing continues to be hot, with 7 tyee hitting the dock in the last week. With a solid 1/day average, this could be you! Most of these oversized chinook salmon have been coming from The Shoals, with many guests choosing to hunt Denham Bay and No Name for the big one. Special mention to Brian Carrato who landed his first tyee after 20 years of putting in the work. Great job Brian! We were so pleased we could help you break your “curse” and look forward to seeing you again!

Coho season is also in full swing keeping all anglers on the edge of their seats as they try and land some of the hardest fighting fish around. This mostly surface-dwelling species sure put on a show as they jump, dive, spin, head shake and make run after run.
The glorious weather has also helped lead us to some spectacular bottom fishing. Lingcod, halibut and rockfish continue to be plentiful, with the majority of guests coming back to the lodge with sore arms and huge smiles.

August has also brought us many spectacular nature shows. Eagles chatter and follow you to the fishing grounds. Humpbacks have been around in numbers, working together to bubble feed and say hello. Haida Gwaii is truly a magical place and everywhere you look, we are reminded how special it is.

Whether it is your first time at Englefield Bay, or you are a seasoned guest, there are always new memories to be made and treasured. We look forward to sharing the fishing, culture, great food, cold beverages and lots of laughs with you soon!

Until next week, tight lines and take care!
Erin Murphy
Inside Operations Manager | The Lodge at Englefield Bay