The third week of August has flown by here at Englefield, and it’s been a whirlwind… literally!
Some fantastic fishing has been had, along with some wild weather, making things interesting for all!

A day or two of high winds have restricted our anglers to more of our sheltered areas rather than being able to venture out to the Denham Shoals and surrounding areas, but quality fish keep rolling in!

Cape Henry, The Office and The Wall have all continued to produce amazing fish. In the calm before the storm, Ralph Thiel was fishing Cape Henry with his fishing partner Dan Clayton when he hooked and landed a magnificent 38lb chinook. Great fish – congratulations Ralph!

Bottom fishing has continued to provide anglers with arm stretching halibut of all sizes – from tasty 15-20lb “chickens” through to 200+lb behemoths. These of course are our big breeding females (which are not retained), and there’s nothing more satisfying than watching one of these giant beautiful halibut swimming away to be able to spawn for generations to come.

Coho are still terrorizing anglers with their hard hitting, high flying antics. Now that the coho migration is in full swing these silver bullets are pretty much being caught everywhere, although norther waters are still the best bet for larger concentrations of fish.

We’re very fortunate here at Englefield to have so many areas and specific spots to fish, both inshore and offshore, for a myriad of species. The kicker is that all of these areas are in close proximity to one another meaning no 30-45 minute runs between species and grounds. Less time running and more time fishing is a win-win in anyone’s books!

Large bait schools are still present in all areas, and an abundance of bait means literally millions of reasons for fish to spend a little more time feeding in our waters building their energy stores for their long journeys upstream.

Only four trips to go here at Englefield until our 2019 season comes to an end. If you haven’t made it up here yet, contact our Sales Team to lock down any limited space that may still be available – 1.800.810.8933.

See you soon in beautiful Haida Gwaii!

Chad Ellison
Outside Operations Manager
The Lodge at Englefield Bay