Questions & Answers: 2019 Hippa Reservations


Here are some answers to what we anticipate will be frequently asked questions regarding the 2019 season cancellation at Hippa Island:


  1. If I have a 2019 reservation at Hippa, will I receive a full refund of my deposit?


  2. If I can’t rebook, when should I expect to receive my refund?
      • We will be working diligently over the next week to process any refunds.


  3. How much space is left at the Englefield Bay lodge location?
      • At the time of the cancellation announcement (Nov 5th), Englefield Bay is 75% booked for the 2019 season and Hippa was 40% booked.


  4. I am booked at Hippa for the upcoming season – can I call you for more information?
      • You are welcome to call, but in all likelihood, you will need to leave a message for the time being. All staff at Westcoast Resorts will be busy on the lines contacting all booked 2019 Hippa guests to make rebooking or refund arrangements.


  5. What is the best way to contact Westcoast Resorts right now?
      • The best way to contact us with your wishes is to send an email directly to your Westcoast Resorts salesperson with one of two subject lines: “Hippa: refund” or “Hippa: rebook.”


  6. How can I change my Hippa fishing trip to one at Englefield Bay for 2019?
      • Because many of the dates at our Englefield Bay location are already booked for the season, your preferred date may not be available. If you wish to rebook at Englefield, please send an email directly to your Westcoast Resorts salesperson with the subject line “Hippa: rebook” and with a list of your three preferred trip dates. We will do our very best to accommodate you!


  7. How will you decide which Hippa guests get the dates at Englefield if there are limited availability for certain times?
      • We will work chronologically through our 2019 Hippa Island bookings and whomever booked earliest at Hippa will have the first choice of available dates.


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