An amazing show of nature was seen by most of our Hippa Island guests on the last trip. A large pod of orca was hanging around Calm Rock. They were following our boats and keying in on the salmon being played. So not only was there great fishing on the Inside, but our guests had the opportunity for some incredible whale watching!

As we stand right now, it is day one of the 15th annual Salmon Masters Tournament…. and the fishing has been unreal!
8am brought the first fish to the dock, and it was a beauty. The 30.45lb beast landed by Bonnie Henry.

One hour later Erik Lynum weighed in his fish… an impressive 42.85lbs, which is the biggest of the season (so far!) and current leader in the Tournament. Let’s see what happens at the Lodge at Englefield Bay, but we are off to a very strong start!

The first afternoon of the derby most anglers spent some time planning with their guides and bouncing bottom for halibut and lingcod. Several nice “overs” were taken, along with a good assortment of other tasty critters. Halibut fishing is steadily heating up as we rediscover our old spots and find new ones to explore this season.

Things are looking promising and I’m sure we will see the fantastic bottom fishing that Hippa is known for producing.

Please look to our website, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the #SalmonMasters action over the course of the week!

Until next time, tight lines and take care,

Paul ‘Scale’ Kendrick
Hippa Island, Haida Gwaii BC