This week Hippa has given us some of the most beautiful days of the year so far! Calm seas and light northwest winds have prevailed over the last few days. We are looking at a rising northwest system coming soon but blue skies and warm sunshine are still in the forecast.

Salmon fishing has been steady at Lighthouse, Shipwreck and Red Rock with boats venturing further due to the easy seas. It has been important to ‘stick and stay’ working the reef structures, fish in the high teens to low twenties are making up most of the catch.

Several low thirties Tyees have come in over the week and in fact long time guest Mary Anne Dipple just rang the gong with a chrome bright 31lber.

Our inside fishery is still producing well with Calm Rock to the North and South Pass both seeing action on a regular basis. Great options for calm water fishing!

As we see a steady increase in northwest winds Skelu Bay can be a hotspot for salmon and the occasional halibut. Scenery is amazing with big sandy beaches and high mountain tops surrounding you! They call this area the ‘Bahamas’ for a reason and it’s t-shirt weather down there right now.

Bottom fishing is still on track. Halibut, lingcod and yelloweye wait on most pinnacles and flats to be harvested and destined for the freezer. Most of the boats are heading north to Flamingo and the Turkey bowl targeting halibut in the 125-133cm range weighing between 50 and 70 lbs. Each day we see several hanging on the scale!

August is a month we see large springs in this area and I’m sure there will be some showing their strength to our lucky anglers, hope you are one of them!

Until then,
Take care and tight lines.
Paul Scale Kendrick