Calm Rock has been a steady producer of larger fish over the last few days. A pair of Tyees came in last night along with a 28lb and several in the mid-twenties.

We are still experiencing a good inside fishery with some great times in calm water! Lighthouse continues a steady favorite as well, anglers are fishing deep along the outer contour. Chinook and coho make up most of the catch but we are now seeing some numbers of chum salmon in the area as well. Our largest chum of the season came in at 17lbs last trip and was tagged for processing. They are one of the best species for hot smoking!

We have been seeing good sized halibut straight out from Flat Top lately along with the usual northern spots around Flamingo.

At this point in the season there are numbers of migrating halibut that show red bellies from travelling.These fish are just entering the area with bellies scuffed up from cruising along the gravel and shale bottom that make up their preferred routes.

Halibut in the small size congregate in numbers making up ‘chicken holes’ that have almost instant action on any tide. Hunting for the larger ones takes patience and a good knowledge of the tides plays a key role in our various areas.

We pick the tide changes mostly but any falling tide sets your drift toward the south and that has proven to work best north of Hippa. South at the 257 we find the flood just before tide change and through it has produced very well. We are not targeting those ‘barn door’ halibut anymore but a few come up every trip to be seen and gently released.

It’s quite the thing to see when you wrestle up a fish larger than you! Estimated releases from 100 – 200 lbs are reported quite often with the odd one over 200 as well. Bottom fishing is as usual and quite productive for all species. Our guides roam from pinnacle to pinnacle looking for lingcod and yelloweye with consistent results.

Next rock and North is very popular with our guests for these tasty fish and the action is most often fast and furious letting us get back to salmon fishing without delay!

Looking forward to the next few weeks of August and the great fishing and memories to be made. See you soon at Hippa as we work our way through the last month of the season.

Until then,
Take care and tight lines.
Paul “Scale” Kendrick