Tyee salmon have been rolling into the dock all week and Calm Rock has been the place to be! Most anglers are finding chinook salmon in the low to mid-twenties to the north at Calm Rock on the flood.

South Pass has been steadily producing on the ebb tides and both sides of the inlet have seen their fair share of 30+ pound fish. 38 and 39lb springs have topped our leader board for the week brought in by Don Thompson and Stuart Ramsay respectively. Great job guys on those chrome bright beauties!

It seems that some larger fish have entered the area over the past week and they are some of the best fighting salmon of the season. Lighthouse is still a good bet on any tide and when weather has allowed most of the fleet will head out to the west side looking for steady action on migrating chinook and coho.

While chinook fishing has picked up the coho are still eluding us and we are not yet seeing the numbers that we are accustomed to. Any day now we are expecting to see some larger schools of
silver bright fish. There are coho to be had but when we see some more numbers the action will pick up and we will be able to enjoy the frenzied action of a solid coho bite. Looking forward to it!

Halibut fishing is paying off for those willing to put some time in on the outside waters.Lighthouse to Next Rock and the Turkey Bowl area have been favored among anglers targeting ‘overs’. Lingcod, yelloweye and other rockfish come in when salmon fishing as well as targeting bottom. These fish round out our assortment and are a welcome addition to the fish boxes heading home.

We are experiencing a southerly push from the weather this trip and with it comes moisture and rain. Our guests are all wrapped in their Heli Hanson raingear provided and its doing a great job of helping people spend every minute out there in the best possible comfort
Right now, the fire is lit and guests are returning for lunch. Hot burgers, grilled chicken wings and minestrone soup will hit the spot. A little break to dry off and relax then out for another round this afternoon! Wishing every angler good luck this afternoon and hope to hear the Tyee gong ring once again!

We are fully booked up for the remainder of the season and bookings for the 2018 season are well underway! If you are considering Hippa Island for the first time, let our fantastic sales team know and they can provide you with the proper information and dates!

Until then,

Take care and tight lines.
Paul “Scale” Kendrick