What a great week here at the lodge! This may have been the driest summer I have ever seen up here on the west coast of Haida Gwaii.

Tyee salmon are coming in on most days and the size average is holding steady. Coho in the 10-14-pound range are common now as well.

Our bottom fishing for lingcod continues to be strong allowing for more time on the water chasing Halibut.

Halibut fishing toward Flamingo on tide changes is a popular choice for anglers targeting the max size overs.

Chickens, although scattered, are being found throughout our fishing areas on all tides. Humpback whales are feeding heavily off shore and that is a good indication of a substantial amount of bait in the area. Lighthouse on the west side of Hippa is still the top producer for larger fish.

Freeman Rock has become steady for salmon again and our guests are heading there on a daily basis with fantastic results!

Coho and chinook are gathered on this famous reef gorging on the plentiful bait fish holding there.

These fish are fattening up and storing energy for their final migration to the rivers that they were born in. The life cycle of our salmon stocks is an amazing show of mother nature’s diversity.

Hatching and entering the sea as smolts to travel throughout the Pacific Ocean for several years only to return to that same river to spawn and carry on the gene pool.

It’s a true marvel when you think about it and incredible life story of these fish we love to hunt and of course bring home to the dinner table!

With great anticipation, we enter our last week of operation here tucked inside Nesto inlet. Fishing is awesome and it looks like we will have a northwest system holding throughout the week.

Looking forward to sunny skies and some breezy afternoons as we continue to near the end of August.

We thank all of you that have been here to share the experience this year and look forward to building a few more memories over the next week.

Let’s look at 2019 and count down the days until it all happens over again!

Until then,

Tight Lines and take care.

Paul Scale Kendrick